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Tournament Rules

Still confused? Don’t worry we’ve laid out all the rules below:

Elimination Hand Rules

All tables in the round will have a list of hand numbers which have been defined as elimination hands (e.g. 5th hand, 9th hand, 15th hand).

  • On an elimination hand, the player with the lowest chip count is removed from play.
  • Also, with an elimination hand, if two players both have the lowest chip count (non-zero), only one player will be eliminated according to the Sudden Death rules.
  • If two players end up with zero chips (be it on an elimination hand or not) both players will be eliminated.
  • If both positions are prize paying or feeder positions, they will still be paid.
  • If only one position is a prize paying or feeder position, the Sudden Death criteria will be applied.

Sudden Death Rules

Whenever two or more players have the exact same chip count, Sudden Deaths rules come into play. This applies to both reward and non-reward positions:

  • The player with the largest amount of starting chips for that hand will go through, or be awarded the higher position.
  • Otherwise, the player furthest from the starting player (moving in a clockwise direction) will be eliminated or awarded the lower position.

Sit-Out Rules

If the player is currently active in the tournament, a “Sit-Out” checkbox will be available. If the player ticks this checkbox, he/she will automatically sit out of the game. This means that the game will play at a sub-optimal strategy on their behalf.
If a player is currently sitting out of a tournament, a “Sit-Out” checkbox will be ticked. As soon as the player un-ticks the “Sit-Out” check box, they will then be re-entered into the tournament for play.

Secret Bet Rules

Each player is awarded one secret bet per round. The player can use this secret bet any time during the hand. The wager is only revealed at the end of the round. All the normal actions like ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ‘split’, ‘double’ and ‘surrender’ work on the secret bet. The secret bet amount is only shown to all players at the end of the hand. There is a special chip and plaque to indicate that the special bet has been placed.


In the case of a disconnection during a hand in a tournament, the game will assume “auto-play”, meaning that the system will perform on behalf of the player. After the player has disconnected, the minimum bet amount will be placed by the system, the system will deal the player two cards and keep on playing until soft 12, or just leave it at 2 cards.


To see the results from any concluded tournament, go here or click the ‘Tournament Results’ button.
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