International BlackJack League

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! All you need is a Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, 7Sultans or Vegas Palms REAL account. If you don’t have one of these accounts, just follow these steps and you’re on your way to limitless play!

Two Easy Steps:

Step 1:

Download the Platinum Play Casino, the Royal Vegas Online Casino, the
7Sultans casino or the Vegas Palms Casino.

Step 2:

Register a REAL Account:

You can easily register an account while waiting for the casino to download. To play with real money you must register a Real User account. You will then be able to play in our Blackjack Tournaments and win massive cash prizes.

Creating your alias:

After registering for your first tournament and clicking ‘Join’, you will be prompted to create your alias. If you already have a tournament alias you will not have to create a new one and can keep using your existing alias.

Choose wisely, though; once you’ve created it, no more changes can be made. To find out how to take part in a tournament, click here.

Keep these rules in mind as well:

  • Multiple aliases are not allowed per player. Each player has one alias across all the micro-gaming casinos.
  • Offensive aliases are not permitted. Choosing an alias that is considered offensive will be rejected, and another one needs to be selected in its place.
  • After creation, your alias cannot be changed.
  • Please note, your personal details will never be displayed in a LIVE leaderboard, only your alias will ever appear.


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